How do you know…



No1. Standard bulb comes in frosted or clear. Exposed bulbs looks better with frost.  A clear bulb looks best with a shade because you are less likely to see the silhouette of the bulb.

No2. Fan Bulb is more durable because it can withstand the vibration of the fan and it is made to shine downwards.

No3. 3-way bulb is perfect if you need more light. Wattage varies between 50 – 150. However, it does require at least an 8” supporting harp.

No 4 and 5 Chandelier bulb with a blunt tip or bent tip, a more elegant bulb, which can be found in clear or frosted. Personally I do not prefer the bent because it interferes with a shade

No6. Torpedo Bulb is a great bulb for antique chandeliers that have a standard base.

No7. Flame Bulb with standard base is often used in victorian fixtures. I prefer to use them with a dimmer.

No8. Mogul Bulb is rarely found  in an American house hold. You may see them in antique tourtiere floor lamps or industrial mechanics lamps.

The nostalgic Edison Bulb – I am an absolute fan! They have a great industrial look but just prepare yourself to pay high dollar. You can find a similar look if you use a clear bulb on a quality dimmer.


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