An educated guess….

My first real science teacher  Miss Cook  was pretty scary but very memorable .  It was the way she looked at you. The thing I remember most was  when she opened the

first  day of class with the word  “Hypotheses”  then she ask    “What does it mean” ?   Of course no one had the nerve to answer. She sternly answered her own question after a fraction of a second  of a pause. >>> “An educated guess”.   Funny how something so little can stick with a young  girl in rural Alabama.  But boy I liked that answer.  A guess did not have to be an answer  out of the clear blue but  a guess could be based on the knowledge available to you at the time. Honestly a hypotheses   could be wrong and still seem okay because….Still today I get a good deal relief out of that term.

A good reputable dealer of Antiques works with educated guess work and with a little effort our reservoir of knowledge grows  everyday. A good antique dealer will welcome a customer who on occasion disagrees with our assessment of a situation .  Sometimes we admit defeat with a smile and sometimes we dig in our heals.

A customer came in last week and was clearly studying a what appeared to be a Lectern or a podium.  After working in retail for 15 years it becomes second nature to  pay attention to a customer’s body language and he was interesting.    I ask him what was on his mind. He  responded by saying     “This is not a Lectern”.  He lead into his defense by pointing out that the piece was unfinished on the back,  therefore it was intended to go against  a closed wall and not facing the intended audience.   I of course agreed with a “Huh , you are exactly  right”.  I later discussed this with my friend and her response was  “Yes it is Bob Crachit desk”.(Charles Dickens‘ A CHRISTMAS CAROL).

Now at Noordermeer’s we now  have a “Bob Crachit Desk” when we used to have an ordinary lectern.  This desk would be perfect for working with a lap top while standing.  This could ring a bell for my customers who prefer standing while they work due to reoccurring back problems.


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