Off The Grid…Miss Leslie…Noordermeer’s

I recently discovered a new magazine built around the concept of living off the grid.  Not  a new concept.  I remember an article in the ’80’s in “Mother Earth News” on using a car tire inner tube filled with water placing it on the hood of a car and calling it a hot water heater.   Yes it would heat water but give me my Rudd  grid and all.  My point is off the grid is harder than anything I read in the magazine.  A short definition …

OFF THE GRIDliving in a self sufficient manner without relying on public utilities.

My favorite author is Miss Eliza Leslie.  She authored a house book in 1840 and a wonderful cookery in 1850.  Let’s call this time “Pre Grid”. No Grid was life.  Her house book deals with how to make a fire with details on what kind of ashes make the best lye for making candles.  She wrote about how to  bank the fire in order to be certain that it would  last until morning.  NO MATCHES?? This would make building a fire even more complicated.  She writes about cooking on hot coals.  Which reminds us don’t let the fire go out.  You need those coals 24/7 no matter what the weather. Her section on wash day reminds us that you have to make soap before you do laundry.  Let’s not forget about combing the cotton, spinning the yarn, dyeing and weaving . Only then could you begin to sew something that would  need washing.    Get my drift on the subject of  OFF GRID.  Attempting Off Grid is a good thing.  It is always good to be conscious of our carbon foot print.  Lets work toward being less of a society of consumers.  Lets use and reuse.  And avoid buying land fill.  Buy something permanent! Nothing is more expensive than buying temporary.  Take care   KIt Jenkins


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