An interesting read………

Please enjoy this  article I read in my favorite newsletter “Early American Industries” sept.1949



To Preserve Milk
Provide bottles, which must be perfectly clean, sweet and dry; draw the milk from the cow into the bottles, and as they are filled, immediately cork them well up, and fasten the corks with packthread or wire. Then spread a little straw on the bottom of a boiler, on which place bottles with straw between them until the boiler contains a sufficient quantity. Fill it up with cold water; heat the water, and as soon as it begins to boil, draw the fire, and let the whole gradually cool. When quiet cold take out the bottles, and pack them with straw or saw dust in hampers, and stow them in the coolest part of the house. Milk preserved in this manner , although eighteen months in the bottles, will be as sweet as when first milked from the cow.(McKensie’s Receipts Phila 1829)
My first reaction  was wow.  I then realized this was simple canning.   Still wow but a little less complicated than my first thought.  Keep in mind the date of this receipt was 1829, no Kelvinator, no knobs on the stove, and the cow did not share her milk 365 days.  Our guys and or gals figured it out. I’m proud of them



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