321.6 POUNDS


I love it but it is the type of thing you only want to move once!


The concept of the picturesque Maple Chopping Block is a relatively new one. Until the 1880’s the block of preference was a slice from a Sycamore Tree on three turned legs.  The trusty Sycamore because it was the largest hardwood on the North American continent with a diameter up to 10 feet.  Being a round tree trunk it held up well but could develop a split due to shrinkage and drying.  In the 1880’s a couple of meat packers had the idea of using “End Grain Maple”.  Maple was known  to be extremely hard and end grain pieces bolted together  could withstand pounding.  After about 100 years modern America cultivated hysteria by stating that plastic chopping blocks were healthier.  The plastic industry insinuated that wood chopping blocks would trap bacteria.  This hysteria was promptly reversed by laboratory test that proved wood had an enzyme that killed bacteria.  With in 3 minutes the bacteria was pulled down into the block leaving the surface pathogen free.  A test was perform on plastic  finding  that bacteria multiplied to twice the original count.  The original maple block in 1880 was called “THE SANITARY MEAT BLOCK”.  They had no idea just how right they were. I would like to add that intelligence and common sense should tell you to clean a good chopping block with salt and vinegar and retreating with mineral oil to prevent  build up of what ever (never a good thing). And don’t misunderstand me I am not telling you to run to the land fill with our plastic chopping block.  I feel certain that with proper cleaning they too have  their place in even my kitchen. But given a choice  “I CHOOSE WOOD!!” can’t beat it.

Recently acquired  this scarlet maple chopping block, end grain with original bolts. Nice piece. circa 1890



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