Making room for Change

If you have come to Noordermeer’s within the past few weeks you were probably greeted by a note hung from the push bar of the front door. The note would have hinted to the fact that you would find me actively working to welcome a change. The change concerns Charles Torgerson, owner of The Brown House formally located on Oxmoor in Edgewood. Charles and I have decided to combine our efforts in order to bring to you the best in real antiques. As most of you know my specialty in the business is usually the unusual i.e. hogsheads, goat harnesses, or hand hewn 12ft river raft ores, all fine antiques by the definition of cool and old. Charles, on the other hand, knows ironstone, transferware as well as fine art. We both take extreme pride in our furniture to a point of competition.
Next time you visit our shop you are sure to see the Change.


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