Move that darn Chandelier

Often it takes someone else to tell us “HEY THAT’S A REALLY GOOD IDEA. I’LL HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT ONE.”

While on a really short picking trip I was faced with the dilemma of how to transport a large chandelier that was loaded with wonderful lead crystals. We all know glass in quantity is really heavy. Of course with the wrong pressure points you can be face with trying to replace a whole bunch of crystals or worse you can break an arm on the fixture. (Which is synonymous with landfill) . The answer is to find a way to distribute support over as many arms as possible and find a way that crystals hang without binding.


For a smaller fixture Set the chandelier in/on a heavy 5 gal bucket. You want the edge of the rim to support the arms equally and let the crystals hang inside the bucket. In my case the fixture was to big for the bucket so we sawed a heavy trash can off to 12 inches high. Perfect support for the glass monster. Trip went superb!! hope this helps. After I check the wiring and general condition I will blog on cleaning a crystal chandelier. Stay tuned…….. kit



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